About Us


Why Pistol Shooting

Pistol Shooting is an dynamic and exciting sport.

There are many disciplines of shooting and areas of knowledge from cleaning and maintaining your equipment, reloading match ammunition and the mental aspects of competition.

So you are interested in finding out more the best place to start is by visiting the club.

We run new  member shoots on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Be at the club ready to go at 12pm, duration is one hour.

You’ll get a short tour of the ranges and an explanation of the different styles of shooting we participate in. If you have never tried pistol shooting, it will also be a great opportunity to have a try before you decide whether you would like to apply for membership.

Please note: You can visit up to three times before you need to make a decision on joining.

How to Join

Some people may be eager to join the club on their first visit. You will need to already have a New Zealand firearms license. Joining requires that you complete a membership application, and pay the relevant fees. There is an additional form to be completed at the clubrooms if you have not been a pistol club member before (FM1). The New Members Director can help sort all this out with you.

After you become a member

After your application has been approved, you will be issued your own Training Manual that has further information and provides a record of your training progress. As a new club-member you undergo a 6 month probationary period, during which time you must complete 12 shoots from your training manual before applying for your B endorsement (Pistol License)

Applying for your Pistol License

Before applying to committee for your pistol license you need the following:

* Have a current New Zealand firearms license
* Have been a member of the New Zealand Pistol Association (NZPA) for a minimum of 6 months
* Have completed 12 recorded shoots in your training manual
* Have sat and passed the NZPA Safety test and Club Range Officers test.

The Training Officer will assist in submitting your application to the Committee for approval.

Maintaining your license

After obtaining your B endorsement (Pistol License) that is not the end. In order to retain your license, you must continue to attend 12 shoots per year. So there is an ongoing commitment to having a pistol license in New Zealand.